Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A solitary eagle with a teardrop in its eye
Looked out across the future
And couldn’t help but sigh
For heroes who had given all
Watched comrades fall and die

I saw the image everywhere
Its message dark and bleak
And I wondered if my countrymen
Still had the nerve to seek and find the ones who’d do such harm
Revenge would seem so sweet

But as the days turned into months
And months turned into years
I wondered if the evil ones
Would ever know the fear of justice calm and purposeful
Relentless in pursuit
Avenging angels guided by Him who knows all truth

Then dawned a Monday morning
A spring day cool and wet
The news that day was something I never will forget
The mastermind had run to ground
The quest for justice met

I lift my eyes to search the skies
Mid the splendor of the land
And soaring high above my head
An eagle takes command
All power, grace, and glory
His wings spread wide and free
His tears now dry
He exemplifies
My country 'tis of thee

There are those who say we’ve gotten weak
That our courage has been lost
But heroes still abound today
To serve – not counting costs

They formed the ranks at Bunker Hill
Swept in at Normandy
And God willing they will still be found
From now through eternity.


  1. Karen, this gave me chills. You've captured how so many of us feel. Thank you thank you for sharing this gift.

  2. Thanks, Karen. Glad to see you on the blog. I'll visit later today.

  3. Karen, A great poem. I will be sending it to my cousin Barb who has a son on his THIRD rotation in Iraq.