Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I've been cleaning. Really cleaning.

1. Washing light fixtures
2. Chasing dust bunnies with the Swifter
3. Washing windows inside and out
4. Cleaning the blender
5. Sifting ancient crumbs out of the toaster
6. Washing the toilet bowl brush canisters. Ick.
7. Washing curtains and ironing them
8. Looking with suspicion at the dog as she comes in from the fields with muddy paws
9. Balancing precariously on 15 foot ladders as I attempt to replace the light fixtures from #1
10. Drinking wine.

Somebody's coming to look at the ranch this weekend. Maybe this is the buyer we've been waiting for. It's been tough to write when I keep thinking of things that might turn off said potential buyer. My computer keyboard is a mess of spilled coffee spots and lemonade stains. Sigh.

Keeping the place clean gets really, really old. I am a clutterbug by nature. I need to revert to type. Will it ever happen???


  1. Good list. I confess I don't like cleaning, no matter the season. Now that we're in winter, I've every excuse to curl up on the sofa.

    My Darcy Mutates

  2. I think all creative people struggle with clutter--good on you for tackling it!