Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To the Valley of Despair

Well, it's amazing how quickly one's fortunes can change in this brave, new techno world. I've just received my first glowing review on Amazon. Wonderful, wonderful words, and then the reviewer got confused and hit one star instead of (hopefully) 5. So here I sit at the keyboard, helpless until it gets changed - hopefully soon. The book is just out and I've been torpedoed by a fan. Sigh.

Promotion and marketing are necessary evils for writers today, and it's not something many of us are comfortable doing. We'd much rather be sequestered, writing away, creating our fictional worlds. Maybe that's the best antidote for me today. I'm not going to look until tomorrow and hope not too much damage has been done. Sigh again.


  1. Oh, Karen, that's hard. Try not to worry too much. It's something you have absolutely no control over.

  2. I know. I'm just moping. She'll fix it. Apparently she'd never posted a review before on Amazon and didn't know she had to click on the stars - so Amazon did it for her and this is what they do. Ick. All will be well. ommmmm

  3. That sucks!
    My book got a great review from Library Journal and an 'eh' review from Publishers Weekly - unfortunately, the latter is the first one everyone sees at Amazon. Lucky me!

  4. That's so unlucky Karen. I hope Amazon fix their mistake quickly for you. Perhaps some of your other fans can pick your book up at Amazon and give you a rating over the top of hers?
    They've gone the other way with me (not that I'm complaining) and posted the same review twice! Fortunately it was a cracking review.
    Inspite of that I think it has to be - for the author- belive in yourself and keep on writing. Not everyone will like what we publish :-)

  5. Thanks for the commiserating - misery does love company. It's fixed now and tomorrow will be a brand new day.