Monday, October 18, 2010

Dee's Blurb Party and The Chocolate Challenge

Around and About the Web This Week

Dee Julian's Blurb Party

This week I'm one of Dee Julian's Blurb Party authors. Please stop by, sample the blurbs offered, and leave your comments. You can find the Party at Sorry about that not being a live link but Blogger isn't cooperating today. Please copy and paste and I'll have a serious talk with the link function.

The Chocolate Challenge

Also beginning this week is The Chocolate Challenge. Sponsored by the Guppies (the great unpublished writers who belong to Sisters in Crime), the goal is to write as much as you can during a 30 day period or if you're editing projects or doing hour of editing equals 300 words! Peg is the moderator who provides motivation and encouragement. Once a week we'll post our word totals and cheer each other on.

The winner, the one who writes the most words (whether we end up keeping them or not!), receives chocolate from any of the participants who care to send some. No one really loses though because we all get a lot of work done!

Once a Guppy, always a Guppy. Many writers stay on with this group after they've published, to give moral support and mentoring. Just one more reason why Sisters in Crime is a class act.

And now, on to the writing challenge! Fingers to the keyboard, as I plow ahead with The Esposito Caper!


  1. KK, I have been meaning to check out the Guppies group at SinC. Anything involving chocolate is a good thing.

  2. By all means, come on over! You can never have too much chocolate and the encouragement is fantastic.

  3. Yeah, I'll write for chocolate. Don't you love it when you get bribed to do something you want to do anyway? ;)

    Marian Allen